A word from the School Council


Primary Campus

On Saturday 5 November, despite the rugby and cold weather, some parents and children came to school to tend to the Wildlife Garden. The volunteers spent some time cutting back overgrowth and improving the location so that activities can take place there. This was organised at the School Council’s request and we are very grateful to Mr Rob Goodsell for giving of his time to lead this activity and also for baking potatoes for his co-volunteers.

By now, a snack stall sells healthy snacks to KS2 children during every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday morning at break. Once again, this was organised at the School Council’s request and we are very grateful to individuals from the Primary Campus PTA for giving of their time and for their enthusiasm and energy with this venture. All profits will go towards prize giving days at the end of the term.





Secondary Campus


Over the last term the school council have been working in creating aims for the school. Firstly, we had a School Council meeting asking pupils what they wanted from the school. We then used this information to create the first draft of the schools aims. These were presented by myself and the deputy head pupils in the school assembly. All registration class representatives discussed the aims with their classes.  As the aims will represent the whole school Cati, Ella and I took the first draft to the school council on the primary campus to get their feedback regarding the aims. After listening to all the suggestions from the pupils we agreed on the final aims of the school.

Llywelyn Jones (Head Pupil)


Every pupil in the school has been given the opportunity to contribute and voice their opinions about these aims, and I’m very proud the pupils have worked together so well to create such praiseworthy and worthwhile aims for the school.  These were agreed by the governors in a recent meeting.

To ensure everyone works towards achieving these aims successfully, parents have signed the Ysgol Bro Hyddgen’s Home/School Agreement.  We strongly believe that our pupils’ success in the school depends on a strong partnership between the child, the school and the parent.

Dafydd Jones (Headteacher)





School Aims:

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen
Enabling dreams

We aim to ensure we are:

  • A school where there is a strong Welsh ethos, and where we develop to be global citizens who respect everyone.
  • A school where we learn the skills to have a successful future.
  • A school where we all ensure the best level of success.
  • Polite pupils who are kind to each other.
  • Supportive and kind staff who work hard to ensure the best levels of success for all pupils – academically and in extra-curricular activities.
  • A school where everyone is enthusiastic to take advantage of all opportunities, and is very keen to succeed.



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