How Parents Can Help

Parents and carers are expected to help their children’s education by sending their children to school on time and dressed in their school uniform.  Their children should keep to the statutory hours that children are allowed to work outside school hours, and parents should acquire a licence from the Area Education Office at Newtown if pupils do paid work.  It is hoped that parents will support their children when they go on educational visits. 

Parents and guardians are invited to the Parents/Governors’ annual meeting during the Autumn Term and we would very much like to see you at the Parents’ Evenings where you have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the teachers.

Co-operation between the home and the school ensures a happy and successful career at Ysgol Bro Hyddgen.  The Contact Book encourages parents to write to the Form Tutor and allows you to monitor your child’s progress.  You are welcome to contact the school whenever the need arises.



Completing Homework is one of the major factors in narrowing the gap between children who succeed and those who underachieve.   Homework should be given due time and attention and should be presented neatly and on time. 

In order to maximise the opportunities for every child to make progress, we have established Homework Clubs. Here we can help pupils who have not been able to complete work at home or who need help with particular questions.  The Club is staffed by experienced Learning Support Assistants in the Library and in a Computer Room. It is open at 8.30 in the morning, during the Lunch Hour and until 4.30 p.m. after school. All pupils are welcome to attend.

Pupils should note the Homework task in their Contact Book as well as the date the task is due in.  Parents are asked to sign the Contact Book every week. We also ask parents to support the child by providing him/her with a quiet, suitable place to complete homework, and by ensuring that all tasks are presented neatly and are done to the best of the child’s ability.  When a child has special needs, special arrangements will be made to ensure the tasks are within their capability.


Assessment starts with the information we receive about the successes, the achievements and the needs of your child when he/she transfers from the primary school.  In Ysgol Bro Hyddgen many assessment techniques are used to prove the skills and accomplishments of pupils: we look at written, practical, oral work, coursework, tests, examinations, observation and self-assessment.  This gives a rounded picture of your child.

There will be formal contact with parents once every term: a full report, an interim report, or a Parents’ Evening.  The full report will include a summary of the pupil’s attendance, personal development (e.g. comments on behaviour and contribution to school life) as well as subject reports.  The interim report will keep you informed about   effort and attainment.  At Key Sage 3, a homework report is also provided.




Ysgol Bro Hyddgen

As a parent / guardian I will do my best to:

As a pupil I will do my best to:

As a school we will do our best to:


·       Encourage my child to respect others and to be kind

·       Encourage my child to do his/her very best

·       Promote the value of bilingualism



·            Respect other children and be kind to them

·            Do my very best

·            Make the most of my bilingualism and practise both languages as appropriate

·       Encourage your child to respect others and to be kind

·       Provide opportunities for your child to succeed

·       Promote the value of bilingualism

·       Provide opportunities for your child to practise both Welsh & English as appropriate

Ready for School!

·       Send my child to school clean and neat in suitable clothing

·       Make sure my child has all the essential equipment for the school day e.g. P.E kit, glasses, reading file

·            Keep myself neat and clean

·            Bring all the things I need for my work to school


·       Promote the wearing of appropriate school wear and personal hygiene

·       Make sure that your child knows what is needed for the school day


Attendance & Punctuality

·       Strive for high attendance: 95%+

·            Attend school every day on time: 8.50am

·       Encourage and reward high attendance & punctuality

Schoolwork and Homework

·       Take an active interest in my child’s work

·       Encourage my child to do his/her best

·       Make sure that my child completes homework to the best of his/her ability

·       Find opportunities  for my child to read


·            Listen to my teachers and try my best at all times

·            Make sure I know what the homework task is before I leave school and complete my homework neatly and always return it on time

·            Make the most of every opportunity to read


·       Teach in an effective and purposeful way

·       Prepare stimulating lessons for the pupils, following the guidelines set within the Curriculum for Wales

·       Set purposeful work and mark it regularly  

·       Provide your child with constructive feedback

·       Provide your child with rich educational experiences

·       Promote opportunities for reading



·       Encourage my child to develop high standards of behaviour at all times

·       Reinforce the school Behaviour Policy

·         Take responsibility for my behaviour inside and outside of school

·            Follow the school rules  & Behaviour Policy

·         Promote high standards of behaviour in line with the school rules & Behaviour Policy


Well-being & Pastoral Care

·       Inform the school if there are problems that are likely to affect my child’s education

·       Respect the school’s Health & Safety Policy


·            Let my teacher know if I have any worries or problems before I leave school at the end of the day

·            Conform to the school’s Health & Safety Policy

·       Listen and respond to problems and worries immediately

·       Ensure your child’s safety at school


Home and School links

·         Attend parents’ meetings

·         Read letters from school and respond to them if needed

·         Support the school in implementing the school rules

·         Give all letters I receive at school to my parents


·       Hold regular parents’ meetings

·       Report regularly on the progress, attendance and behaviour of your child

·       Inform you of any worries we may have about your child

Extra-curricular activities

·       Support activities held by the school, e.g. concerts, Summer Fair

·       Make the most of opportunities open to me

e.g. swimming, concerts

·       Inform you of all events to be held by the school or of events that the school children are a part of