On the 9th of February 2018, I attended a Geography fieldwork trip to Iceland. I enjoyed the plane journey there and back and I also enjoyed seeing all of the views within Thingvellir National Park. I learnt that there was a lot of burger restaurants and that their currency is Kroner – day to day life was in many ways similar to ours, but we also experienced the worst snowstorm Iceland has seen in 15 years – a very geographical experience!! The temperature in Iceland was -5C to -20C degrees and there was very thick snow. The best part was going to the Blue Lagoon because the water was really warm and there were amazing sights all around it. I would recommend seeing the geysers and the spectacular waterfalls because they’re extraordinary sights to see. It was also amazing to see Eyjafjallajokull, a volcano we are currently studying in school. You may remember this as the volcano which produced the huge ash cloud back in 2010 and grounded many flights across Europe and beyond. Thank you very much to Mrs Eirian Davies for arranging such a brilliant visit.

Jessica Chick Year 9


On behalf of Mr Peter Kenny, and Miss Anwen P Jones, I would like to pay a huge thanks to all pupils who went on the Iceland trip this year. They enjoyed a vast array of experiences, from blizzards to interactive tectonic science exhibitions, and being in awe at the wonder of nature, witnessing geyser eruptions and cascading waterfalls. They were exemplary – and indeed worthy ambassadors of our School. Although our trip this time was hampered somewhat by bad weather (though there is never such a thing as bad weather – only incorrect clothes!), and we didn’t manage to do everything on our itinerary, the pupils received the best level of care and attention throughout the visit, in what at times were extremely difficult circumstances.

It looks like this will be our last trip abroad as a team of staff – but I can certainly say it has been the most eventful! Þakka þér fyrir !!!

 Eirian Davies