This year myself and Ffion Haf Davies were appointed the Urdd ambassadors for our school. Our role is to ensure the school enrols fully with the opportunities available from the Urdd and take part in as many activities as possible through the medium of Welsh. So far we have been volunteering with the senior Urdd group for years 7-9 by holding arts, crafts and cooking. After attending a County meeting, we have decided to arrange a 16+ gig in the Cann Office with band names such as Cassette, Mosco, yr Eira & Serol Serol at  the end of January.  We would like to make sure that the Urdd appeals to all age groups and draw attention to the different opportunities available. We will be going to Glan Llyn to represent the County in the young people’s group to voice our opinions on issues that are important for young people in Wales before we feedback to the school forum. We look forward to the different opportunities that come with this role.

Aur Bleddyn.